Girls Basketball Notley High School Year 8 v Year 9 Maltings Academy

Braintree Sixth Form v Maltings Academy
Girls Basketball Y8 v Y9
10 October 2016
On Monday 10 October, our Year 8 girls faced Maltings Academy Year 9’s team in a friendly to prepare for the up and coming basketball season. It was the girls first ever Basketball game after only being introduced to the game last year. The aim of the game was to introduce them to the basics of how a real game functions. We were not concerned with score as we knew they would be far more experienced. It was just a good opportunity to learn and progress ready for our first Essex cup fixture next week. The girls were a little flustered with the pace of the game and lacked control. However improvement occurred as the game went on which was the purpose of the fixture. All girls contributed well both offensively & defensively with lots of substitutions throughout. Lots to work on in training Wednesday but a great performance where they showed lots of potential. Players: Ellie Crow, Paige Mellor, Laura Duncan, Emily Stewart, Maddy Keep, Ellie Roan, Lottie Huggins, Daisy Moore, Christie Cummins, Caitlyn Howat, Fern Sayers & Eloise White Teacher/coach: Miss Brough

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